Boho Wilds

Boho Wilds


Another post featuring the amazing, recently released (March 8th) Deco(C)rate sporting a wonderful Boho vibe. This crate was so full of goodness that it took me forever to decide on a scene.  If you missed the sign up, no worries, you can still get a copy of this months crate from the Deco(C)rate HQ for the full price of the crate and while you’re there, be sure to join the group for Aprils crate which will be feature an Alice inspired theme!! Squeee!

♥ Sadie Nova

Taxi to Deco(C)rate HQ

Be sure to check out Facebook to keep up with the latest news and happenings for both Deco(C)rate and MadPea

Deco(C)rate Facebook

MadPea Facebook


Deco(C)rate items

•Bohemian Wagon

•Palermo Armchair
•Palermo Side Table


The other players!

The Secret Store
•Folk Tray

•Boho baskets

Virtual Nature
•Campfire kettle tripod + stones + fire

Heart & Home
•Boho Guitar Bench

• Hanging Candle

• Soil ground panels

•Four Seasons Oak

3D Trees
•Beech Trees

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